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Sepahan Battery

Sepahan Battery

Sepahan Battery

founded in 1999, one of the most hi-tech enterprises in automotive battery manufacturing in middle east. the total land area of 65,000 m² with an investment more than 60 million USD. SEPAHAN Battery Industrial Group annual production capacity is 5 million batteries, and it is planned to be increased further by applying of a number of capacity alignment Systems. SBIC has changed its products and launched UPS and solar batteries with gel technology last year. Sepahan battery is able to design and manufacture all types of batteries for OEM and after-market applications according to world-class standards from 32 to 220 AH capacity and also EFB batteries which are used for cars with start-stop technology. Sepahan battery industrial corporation is equipped to produce all battery components such as battery plates and lead oxide to support almost all of its production requirements without relying on any external resources.

Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex, as the largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial batteries in the private sector in Iran, produces world-class quality batteries by using mostly fully automated equipment and robotic systems in accordance with environmental standards.

Over these years, highly skilled engineers at SBIC have developed technical capabilities to be able to design and manufacture all types of batteries for OEM and after-market applications.

Brands of Sepahan Battery

Sepahan battery provided six different brands of batteries for export

  • suzuki
  • Atomic Target
  • Vivat Battery
  • Crystal Atomic
  • Barikas
  • Sebic

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