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Ava Part company is a trusted partner of Saba Battery (Iran top and best qualisty battery producer) which is in bussiness of batteries since 1948, the batteries of Saba company includes various types of MF batteries (Maintenance free battery also known as starter or car batteries), LM(Low maintenance batteries, also known as lead-acid batery and car battery)VRLA (Valve regulated Lead acid batteries) ,PZSOPZS batteries, lithium-Ion batteries and etc.

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the variety of Saba products  enabled us to offer our bussiness customers (aka partners!) a wide range of batteries.

starter 50 ah

what we can provide for you is a lower price than what you can aquire yourself if you contact directly and if you reach them (what we provide for you in the mean time!) transportation services, customs formalities, cargo tracking and any other transportation and export matter which you need and saba won’t provide for you directly.

90 fm saba batery

74 fm saba

lm 100ah saba

you can contact us on email or this website, we will respons to your email fast and you will receive all important information and if you had any plan to visit the company yourself we will arrange that for you and even arrange your visit to iran. so do not hessitate to contact us for any above mentioned reasons

battery  –at–  avapartco  .   com

if you need batteries catalogue you will need to only ask us so the catalogues will be emailed to you shortly.

74ah saba battery

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