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SABA Batery Products


SABA BATTERY Company is the first producer of car bateries in Middle east. based on or experience and know-how obtained from years of activity in battery production, this company manufacture LM and MF from various ranges. the one year gaurantee is a sign of quality of these bateries.

you can order hese bateries within this website.

Industrial Batteries

Saba Battery Company as producer of Lead-acid Battery to fullfill market needs manufactured wide range of batteries for communication, industrial, plants industries. these batteries in highest qualities and with long time guarantee produced.

different range of VRLA, OPZ and OPZS batteries are manufacturing in Saba Battery.


Saba Battery is the only producer of lithium battery in middle east. Saba Battery can manufacture laptop and tablet batteries and also other types of lithium packs upon request of customers.

Vessele Battery

Saba Battery is the producer of PZS batteries for all kinds of vehicles including ships and marines. the PZS 2V batteries bof Saba is reliable and comes with 2 years guarantee.

Tank Battery

Saba Battery to provide full service for customer is producing two types of Tank batteries. Mf and lm batteries in 2 range of 120 and 200 Ah is to served for special customers.

Aircraft batteries

Saba Battery as largest manufacturer of battery in middle east obtained highest technologies for airplanes batteries. the safety factores of these batteries are guaranteed for airplanes.

Refractories break

Saba Company according to the kowledge and know-how obtaind and support of saba technication Produced highest quality of refractories products including breaks and materials. the international trader are interested in these products for their usages in furnance and other industries.


The global warming and change in global usage of oil energies, has been sarted working on solar systems for some years. different types of deep cycle batteries, solar plants and other solar projects delivered within saba batery.

Other Services

Many customers requested Saba technician for special products, including but not limited to antimoan, polypropelyne, energy bags, wind turbines, red lead and etc. saba battery produce and offer these producst to customers upon requests.


All products include 1 year Gaurantee


Saba Battery Only takes highest quality of materials

Competetive Price

To fullfill needs of customers, saba battery offer best competetive prices


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