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Deep Cycle 12V Battery

Deep Cycle 12V Battery

Deep Cycle 12V Battery

AVA PART CO. as first company in Iran to offer Saba Smart Series for export. the 12FB110 (12V-110Ah) is a battery suitable for solar and wind turbine with deep charging deep cycle system.

A new product from SABA BATTERY

The new advanced generation of tubular battery brings to you the longer life cycle in deep charging applications. The SABA SMART Battery is a 12V Mono-block ideal for over 800 times deep cycle charge (DOD=80%) designed based on American Trojan Battery to replace and discontinue the dependences.


  • Emergency electric in repetitive blackouts
  • UPS and Inverter systems
  • The required energy accumulator for solar and wind energy systems
  • Industrial electric cleaners
Solar battery
deep cycle battery 12 v-SABA SMART

Battery specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 200Ah(C20 up to 1.75V)
  • Tubular anode plates, low antimony to decrease corrosions
  • Cathode plates Flat pasted, low antimony.
  • Low internal resistance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • C.O.S. (Casting on Strap) Automatic assembly system
  • Flooded battery
  • Dimensions: 515*217*238
  • Total weight(Electrolyte included): 49Kg
SAba smart battery deep cycle battery
saba smart 12 V poster
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